Welcome to my little corner of the editing world. I’m Lea Schafer, professional freelance editor.


I greatly appreciate your interest in my site. Unfortunately, I’ve found that my schedule only allows for so many stories to be edited, and at the moment, that schedule is full. I will not be taking new clients right now. This site does contain information on different types of edits that you might find useful, so feel free to look around. And good luck on your publishing journey!


Whether you are looking for some polish before you submit your story to a publisher or looking for perfection (or as close to it as we can get) in a story set to self-publish, this is the place for you. I work exclusively with fiction of any length, and am published myself in romance fiction. My goal is to help my authors smooth out their manuscript’s rough edges and make their stories the absolute best they can be. 

I encourage you to take a look around and see if what I have to offer fits what you need.

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