528253e1dc3ee590a8b1dbdd33719095If you haven’t connected with Kristen Lamb’s blog yet, go over there right now! She is a major source of information, not just on writing techniques, but on social media for writers (her specialty) and on how to effectively live this crazy writing life we all struggle with. Here’s a recent article she wrote on “to prologue or not to prologue.”

The Seven Deadly Sins of Prologues

Don’t be fooled by the title; she gives you seven reason to forgo that prologue, but also two reasons to include one. Basically, if you’re just including a prologue to info dump, nix it. But if your prologue contains information or events critical to the story that would be less effective if shared another way, you might want to keep it. Check out what Kristen has to say. Do you agree or disagree?

– Lea

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