Lea has one of the best eyes for recognizing inconsistencies with a character’s goals and motivation. Also, my tendency is to overwrite, and she’s been invaluable at helping me tighten my writing and fix the pacing of my books. I highly recommend using Lea to any writer who cares about the quality of the stories they send out into the world.” — Gina L. Maxwell, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Fighting for Love series

Why hire me? There are any number of passionate, experienced editors out there. The best editor for you is the one who fits your personality, “gets” your writing style, and knows her stuff. The only one of those three that I can guarantee is the last.


  • I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, with an added certification in education.
  • I taught English for seven years, to students from fifth grade to college level, focusing on both grammar and writing.
  • I have ten years of editing experience. I’ve worked with hundreds of stories over those years, including RWA Golden Heart ® finalists and books that hit best-seller lists like USA Today and the New York Times. I’ve edited manuscripts that have gone on to sell to print publishers like Harlequin; worked with the top e-publishers existing today; and I’ve worked with indie authors rising to the tops of their genres. I’ve edited manuscripts as small as 10,000 words and as large as 120,000.
  • Writing and reading have been passions for me since I was young, and I’ve been writing professionally for seven years now, almost the same length of time I’ve been editing, so I know both from an editor and a writer standpoint what you’re going through and what is involved in getting where you want to go.
  • I keep up-to-date on industry standards in publishing, including what’s hot in various genres and whether a serial comma is standard according to Chicago Manual of Style. (In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes, but some publishers still eliminate it.)



As a freelance editor my experience is deep and varied, and my passion is to use that experience to aid you, the author, in making your book the absolute best it can be. That means I’ll tell you if something is right and if something is wrong, but with a focus on finding a solution, not tearing you down.

I’ve used Lea’s services both before I published and currently to prepare my indie books to go on the market. She has a keen eye for catching those hidden details that I miss, and the style sheets, quite frankly, make an author’s life much, much easier! Her critiques are insightful, with clear reasoning behind her comments that takes into account the author’s voice and target audience. In fact, her comments helped me revise the book that became my first sale to Harlequin!” — Dani Wade, author of the Backstage Pass series and several releases with Harlequin Desire