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Yes. This.


– Lea

We all know it’s the truth, those long hours spent at the computer thinking, “This story is crap! I’ll never get it published! I might as well dump it now.” And then something happens and that story you hated becomes the story you love.

That “something” happening is called editing. So here’s a little funny to make your editing this week a bit less arduous…

– Lea


enhanced-buzz-8821-1379622691-8Castle. He’s the epitome of everything we hate (the in-no-way-reality glamorized version) and love (the wacky creative mind) about writing. He’s us but…also Nathan Fillion. Whether you love sci-fi or romance, he’s next to Godliness, right?

So what could be better than Castle/Nathan helping us out with some helpful grammar tips? This post on Buzzfeed, 7 Helpful Grammar Tips From Richard Castle, does just that. Let’s see how many you “get.” 😉

– Lea

I picked this up on Facebook the other day. What,  do, you, think? 😀

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