Some developmental edits include line-by-line commentary and suggestions. Some give you a broad overview of what you need to work on, with comments here and there in your manuscript. I provide the latter.

My critiques give you both the benefit of a professional eye (someone who understands story arc, character motivation, etc.) and a reader’s perspective. This kind of editing involves me reading your manuscript and providing you with a written critique answering specific questions about overall areas of your story. Those questions include your areas of concern, as well as what I see as I analyze your story.

Some possible inclusions might be:

• In general, what aspects of this story line would interest readers? Is there anything that might turn readers off?
• Where can the hero’s/heroine’s goals, motivation, and/or conflict be strengthened?
• Are there any secondary characters that should be strengthened (and how), or characters that threaten to take over the story?
• Are the external and/or emotional stakes high enough to make this story believable and exciting?
• Are there any aspects and/or passages of the story that are confusing? That don’t add to the overall story line? That might be “beefed up”?
• Does the story begin where it should? Are there better opening possibilities in the story or ways to improve the opening (less backstory, for instance)?
• Is the arc of the story and/or characters solid? Are there parts that detract from a strong story arc?
• Is the black moment/climax anticipated, executed, and resolved? Are there better possibilities for the black moment? Are there ways to strengthen the climax? Is the resolution of the story satisfying to the reader?

I also go through your manuscript a minimum of two times and comment on the areas where improvements could be made, giving you specific examples of the issues seen in the accompanying critique.


Critiques are a set fee based on word count.

0 to 49,999 words – $260

50,000 to 79,999 words – $310

80, 000 words and above – $415


Contact me for information about a critique. For information about a sample edit, see Sample Edits.