A proofread is a final read of your edited manuscript. This usually takes place after a line edit has been completed and revisions are as close to final as you feel you can get on your own.

This type of editing focuses on last looks. Are there missing words? Did you leave out a comma? Is the wrong homophone used? For one last look at the manuscript, you need someone who hasn’t read it before, someone who can read with fresh eyes and see the mistakes on the page, but also someone familiar enough with professional editing to understand if a comma is missing or simply doesn’t need to be there in the first place.

A proofread includes:

• Typos, misuse of homophones (their, they’re, and there), etc.
• Missing grammar and/or punctuation
• Continuity (no extra hands or wandering props)
• “Reader understanding” comments: queries for single lines (not sections) that, as a reader, are unclear
• NO style sheet is provided with a proofread, and I do not search out style information.


Proofreading fees are $0.0052 per word.

50,000 words – $260

100,000 ~ $520


Contact me for information about a proofread. For information about a sample edit, see Sample Edits.